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The real estate market in Metro-Orlando is still very strong. Interest rates will remain at a historic low for some time. Act Now!

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I am dedicated to providing excellent customer service for those looking for real estate in the metropolitan Orlando area.  Quite simply, my clients come first and keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process is critical.  My ultimate goal is to keep my clients poised to leverage the best purchase price or garner the best results in a sale of their property.  One of the key skill sets I bring to the table is the skill of negotiation. Learn more about my background by clicking here.

If you are a first-responder, in the medical field, or an educator, then get in contact with me. There are ways to save a substantial amount of money on closing costs. Trust…

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As your REALTOR®, I will evaluate which marketing components will enhance the sale of your home or any property. I routinely utilize the latest advancements in technology and traditional marketing methods.  The marketing methods I utilize are designed to assist sellers reach potential buyers.  Each real estate listing is unique and I will strategically deploy marketing strategies to meet our goal of selling your property. I have access to a full range of high quality photographic equipment, aerial drones, motorized gimbals for smooth cinematic video, and three dimensional video recording equipment. After digitizing the interior and exterior of your home, a virtual experience awaits for a potential buyer. Virtual  viewings are great for long-distance buyers wanting to view your property or home without having to incur the expense of travel at the onset of their search.

Now, capturing your property or home in a picture or video is just the start. The next steps require finding the best medium to share these images or video. This includes printing flyers for open houses, posting pictures on websites, and most importantly, posting information on the various social media platforms. Fortunately for you, I have a substantial amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This means increased exposure. Now, the exposure can increase exponentially when disseminated by my fellow licensed real estate brokers and sales associates at Alpha Real Estate of Central Florida, LLC and then shared by our followers and friends on social media.  You can also share the content with your friends and followers. This is a collaborative effort to reach the end result – selling your home!

William “Bill” Moore

Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate
Golden Key Certified, GKC
FL License: SL3386034


Alpha Real Estate of Central Florida, LLC
1423 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792

Call Bill Direct: (407) 680 – 3670


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Mortgage Rates Stay Low

Mortgage Rates Stay Low

The Fed keeps the Federal Funds Target Rate unchanged, which means banks will keep their interest rates steady as well. The Spring of 2019 will be a great time for borrowers to secure mortgages from lenders at historic low interest rates before interest rates increase in the coming months or year.

Tax Refunds Buy Homes

Tax Refunds Buy Homes

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